Travel Chess Sets


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Schachweltmeisterschaftsset - Akademie-EditionSchachweltmeisterschaftsset - Akademie-Edition
Spare €18,00
10-Zoll-Magnet-Klappschach-Set Angebot€83,95 Regulärer Preis€101,95
Spare €19,00
Deluxe Hartholz klappbar Reise 10 Zoll magnetische Schach-SetDeluxe Hartholz klappbar Reise 10 Zoll magnetische Schach-Set
Deluxe Hartholz klappbar Reise 10 Zoll magnetische Schach-Set Angebot€91,95 Regulärer Preis€110,95
Deluxe Hartholz-Klappschach-Set 12 Zoll - magnetischDeluxe Hartholz-Klappschach-Set 12 Zoll - magnetisch
Deluxe Hartholz faltbar Reise 14 Zoll Schachspiel - MagnetischDeluxe Hartholz faltbar Reise 14 Zoll Schachspiel - Magnetisch
Spare €14,00
Deluxe Hartholz-Klappschach-Set 7,5 Zoll - magnetischDeluxe Hartholz-Klappschach-Set 7,5 Zoll - magnetisch
Deluxe Hartholz-Klappschach-Set 7,5 Zoll - magnetisch Angebot€58,95 Regulärer Preis€72,95

Travel Chess Sets

Small, Foldable or Magnetic 


For over fifteen years, The Regency Chess Company has been dedicated to providing top-quality travel chess sets. Since our founding in 2008, travel sets have been a cornerstone of our offerings. Over the years, we've sold thousands of these sets, continuously enhancing their quality and style to ensure they deliver a great chess experience on the go.


The Concept of Travel Chess Sets


The primary purpose of a travel chess set is portability. The convenience of folding the set, storing it easily, or slipping it into a bag is crucial. While playing on a portable set might differ from a larger, non-folding board with weighted pieces, we've worked hard to ensure that our travel sets maintain a high standard of quality and enjoyment.


Our Preferred Selections


We particularly recommend our solid hardwood travel chess sets, available in four sizes from seven to fourteen inches. These sets feature magnetic pieces, soft flocked compartments inside, and secure clasp or magnetic closures. Each set is carefully made from solid hardwood, with hand-inlaid squares, showcasing fine craftsmanship and durability.


Our Sourcing Philosophy


Our excellent travel and folding chess sets are the result of long-standing partnerships with global suppliers. We avoid mass-produced sets from China, instead choosing exceptional sets from Italy, India, and Poland. This approach guarantees high-quality products and fosters strong, enduring relationships with our manufacturers.


Magnetic Chess Sets


Our magnetic chess sets represent the pinnacle of portable chess play. Available in sizes ranging from seven to fourteen inches, these sets are crafted from rich Indian hardwoods. They are more akin to artisan workshop products than mass-produced items. Each set is crafted by our carefully selected artisans, featuring enhanced magnets, magnetic closures, luxurious flocked interiors, and extra queens for pawn promotion.


Ideal for On-the-Go Play


Whether you need a compact set for travel or a stylish one to fit on your bookshelf, we have the perfect travel chess set for you. Designed for portability without sacrificing quality, our travel sets ensure you can enjoy a great game of chess anywhere, anytime.


At The Regency Chess Company, we are committed to offering the finest travel chess sets, blending portability, quality, and craftsmanship. Explore our collection today and find the perfect set to accompany you on your travels.